LED Flood Light

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Features & Advantages Of LED Flood Light Retrofit:

1.Integrative design for heat sink and housing;The LED is closely connected to the surface.The heat From the LED is removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by air ventilation.
2.The surface is passed through anodic oxidation treatment.Its structure is compace and beautiful.It can meet the requirement of IP65.It has good capacity like antisepticising.waterproofing,and dust Prevention.
3.Aluminum alloy diecast baking varnish heat sink,clear tempered glass,ensure good heat dissipation.
4.Use toughened glass and the light transmittance is about 93%
5.Safe and easy for installation and maintenance.
6.High heat conductivity,low luminous decay,pure light color and no ghosting.
7.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.
8.Very low energy consumption,lower thermal output.
9.Mainly used in Landscape Accent,Architectural Lighting,Artwork lighting,bulletin,billboard,Amusement Park Accent etc..

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