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  • It is the best time to export the LED display?

    In addition, domestic LED market inventory problem is serious, the gradual saturation of the domestic market, exports become "to stock" is an important way, through the construction of the overseas market, such enterprises can not only started the brand reputation, expand the scope of the market, the most important is for the products to inventory problem to find a better solution. [View Details]
  • Crystal power shipments this year, rushed to 500 billion

    LED industry continues to sink, but also to the outside world is highly curious about the upcoming shareholders often crystal power, how to look at the development of the future. In this regard, crystal power in this year's shareholders' report, the first LED plant lighting, ultraviolet (LED UV) and other industrial applications, and not just the application of traditional Blu ray LED.Li Bingjie, chairman of the company's current grain size of the company's forecast for this year 504 billion 300 million, and look forward to the most short period of time to lose. [View Details]
  • How to take LED dealers to expand the market?

    For LED dealers, their resources are often limited, so the dealer more to think about how to use other people's resources, to work for their own. As a dealer, how many resources you have in your hands is not important, the key is how much you can control or control the number of resources for you to use, this is the most important. [View Details]
  • LED global opportunities come

    At present, whether it is based on the international giants such as Philips, OSRAM have sold, domestic buyers bid or full of Chinese enterprises overseas channels laying and always declare China lighting companies to market globalization stage is within easy reach. [View Details]
  • Small pitch LED display Key components-lamp

    LED lamp beads are micro distance of LED display screen using the number most, the effect of micro pitch LED display the maximum effect of components, for indoor micro pitch LED application, LED lamp bead the dark, gold wire bonding table affixed to the triple a SMD beads. LED lamp has become a fine pitch LED display key components [View Details]
  • New observation and analysis of outdoor advertising industry in 2015

    Kantar media and Kaplan Miller latest data tells us that the U.S. outdoor advertising revenue has been achieved for the 21 consecutive quarters of growth. The development of digital signage technology soared, the compound annual growth rate reached 15-22%, second only to the growth of mobile marketing. [View Details]
  • Philips pushes carpet integrated ultra-thin LED lights

    What technology is changing the life of the best examples of that?Philips answer is LED carpet.After several years of research and development, Philips will showcase LED carpet at the American International Lighting Fair, and soon launched in the market. [View Details]
  • Xiamen LED tunnel lighting retrofits to help save millions of kWh

    After more than three months transformation, three hundred mountain, fox Oyama, Tianma, Baicheng, new sun tunnel lighting energy-saving projects passed inspection.Tunnels traditional metal halide, fluorescent, high pressure sodium lamp and other lighting fixtures were replaced with one green energy efficient LED lights. [View Details]
  • LED lighting companies gathered in Guangzhou 3 billion yuan club,Are you coming?

    Market focus on the supply chain has not decreased heat,Each LED companies are beginning to exert complete channel network, product development, supply chain and end brand building,In a buzz, LED lighting industry has entered a new development cycle. [View Details]
  • Replacing HPS and Metal Halide with LEDs

    We offers LED Retrofit Kits that allows you to replace the Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor bulbs and ballasts in your existing fixtures. [View Details]

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