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Benefies Of An Led Retrofit
2013-03-14 08:32:16

Reduction in lighting expenses
Increase in Net Operating Income once retrofit is complete
Reduction in maintenance requirements due to longer life of LED's
Rebates and incentives for qualified entities (Federal, State and Local)

Reduction in buildings carbon footprint
Reduction in A/C loads for warmer weather clients (LED's do not run as hot as typical lighting)
5 year manufacturer warranty and 1 year maintenance on all items we install
The following example will illustrate the value of an LED retrofit:

An existing office stairwell houses 30 T8 fixtures (4 ft. tube lights at 32 watts Each) and these fixtures run 24/7. 30 fixtures x (4 x 32w = 128w) = 3,840watts or 3.84 kW (kilowatts). By multiplying the watts by usage hours we can determine kWh (kilowatt hours) used. 3.84 x 8760 (8,760 hours per year) = 33,638.4 kWh per year. At $0.12 per kWh the current cost to operate the stairwell is $4,036.61 per year.

Post Retrofit
A redesign with no reduction in number of fixtures will provide for 2 high power 15w led lighting retrofit to replace the current 4 fluorescent lights per fixture. Now each fixture uses 30 Watts as opposed to 128 watts pre-retrofit... a reduction of 98w per fixture. Using the same formula we multiply 30w x 30 fixtures and the result is 900w or .9kW x 8,760 = 7,884 kWh at $0.12 per kWh = $946.08 new cost to operate the stairwell per year... a savings of $3,090.53 annually.

If you simply replaced bulb for bulb which is unlikely, your savings would still exceed 50% of previous expenses.This example assumes no reduction in fixture count and no incorporation of occupancy sensors which will further reduce the cost to operate the lighting.The math is indisputable... the technology has arrived... and the company that can implement the service is only a phone call away.

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