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How to take LED dealers to expand the market?
2016-06-02 16:51:28

For LED dealers, their resources are often limited, so the dealer more to think about how to use other people's resources, to work for their own. As a dealer, how many resources you have in your hands is not important, the key is how much you can control or control the number of resources for you to use, this is the most important.

1.good borrow the strength of the enterprise

LED dealer first to be good at the use of the power of the enterprise. The strength and scale of enterprise is often dealers can not match, climb on the enterprise the tree "tree", dealers can enjoy the "tree is a good shade comfort.

Dealers can expand their sales amount, with the manufacturers to work together, or with the manufacturers to establish a good customer relationship, etc., to obtain the support of their own business. Such as the guidance, training, shopping and so on all kinds of tangible or intangible policy support, if manufacturers credit support, can also apply to a line of credit, to manufacturers of resources for their money, to expand the business market isn't a big support?

2.the brand of the force of good

A successful operation of the brand, its value is immeasurable, the brand of the enterprise as just can not enter the account, when you continue to use the product accumulated its value, you can enjoy the interest income." Brand creation is like growing a tree, when it is full grown will Fook Yum is infinite, if a brand to the consumer recognition, so it represents is a kind of trust, a quality.

So led dealers to make good use of the power of the brand manufacturers, shaping and enhancing their business class and stores the image, improve the capital turnover rate, learn to build and improve the methods and techniques of its own brand, "walking on two legs don't single leg jump".

3.the good channel of the force

Downstream channel is the dealer's intangible wealth, therefore, dealers have to be good at the use of downstream customers of the property to develop their own business. Therefore, dealers can through the depth of CO marketing way, by ordering sororities, training and so on, fully mining downstream customer funds, personnel, logistics and other resources, so as not to all, but for use.

Popular point, that the dealer will upstream products and brands, study and understanding of the local market, and downstream customers of all kinds of hardware resources and channels of influence, organically integrated together, forming an effective and efficient operation of the mechanism, the first products, first city field, continuous operation, sales and profit, and promote their development.

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