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LED Retrofit Program
2013-03-29 20:49:12

.ZERO LED retrofit overheads.

.Redesign of traditional lighting as per IESNA standards.

.Reduction in the energy loads of the A/C by 1 kilowatt for every 3 kilowatts.

led can retrofit

.With LED cool technology you would be able to save $150-200 per ton.

.NO Mercury, Cadmium or Lead.

.Doesn’t emit harmful UV or Infrared rays that can hamper the fabrics or artwork.

.Guaranteed 75,000 hours of backup that exemplify around 9 years running 24/7 and nearly 18 years at 12/7.

.Eliminates disposal fees of fluorescents.

.Huge savings on bulk replacement and maintenance costs on bulbs and lamps.

.Cut down the emission of carbon particles by shunning away mercury-laden lighting.

.No light pollution with our Dark Sky Compliant retrofits lighting.

.Payment of the installation fees by us.

.Return cash flow.

.Our earnings are through your savings on electric bill.

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