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LED global opportunities come
2016-06-01 10:39:06
At present, whether it is based on the international giants such as Philips, OSRAM have sold, domestic buyers bid or full of Chinese enterprises overseas channels laying and always declare China lighting companies to market globalization stage is within easy reach.
Relevant data statistics, in 2015 China's foreign investment for the first time more than foreign investment in China, becoming an important watershed in the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises. Driven by a series of trade and investment liberalization and facilitation initiatives in the Chinese government, foreign investment will be explosive growth in the future.
2015 cross-border mergers and acquisitions in China's LED industry 6, the amount of 22 billion 800 million yuan of mergers and acquisitions, showing a trend of further amplification, industry and mergers and acquisitions are still in the peak, is expected to be a wave of industry and M & a boom in 2016-2017.

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