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New observation and analysis of outdoor advertising industry in 2015
2016-05-26 18:04:10

Most of the traditional media and even online media have had a hard time, but the outdoor media is continuing to grow.

Kantar media and Kaplan Miller latest data tells us that the U.S. outdoor advertising revenue has been achieved for the 21 consecutive quarters of growth. The development of digital signage technology soared, the compound annual growth rate reached 15-22%, second only to the growth of mobile marketing.

Even the media post "recently reported," in the past few years, thanks to the rise of digital outdoor, outdoor advertising bucked the market. " Other media reports also confirmed the outdoor revenue increase was mainly due to the growth of digital and mobile advertising, and currently only less than 2% of roadside advertising has realized the digital, which means that outdoor advertising spring has just arrived.

With television, radio, print and online media's increasingly fragmented, outdoor is medium all the remaining in the true sense of the mass media. And outdoors without other media all sorts of drawbacks, outdoor not like TV, radio or mobile advertising that disturb people's life while outdoors without the influence of the online and mobile advertising drawbacks, for example fraudulent advertising, advertising screen, advertising browsing rate low etc..

According to the FEPE international outdoor advertising alliance 2014 research, outdoor is the most trusted media behind TV's most consumers.
People who are optimistic about the outdoors and are successful.

Those earlier than other people in a volatile and advertising world see outdoor advertising development potential entrepreneurs now have a stable return, which representative enterprises have JCDecaux, OUTFRONT media (former CBS outdoor), clear outdoor channel, Lamar advertising, marine advertising, media and so on.

Those who choose to focus on the field of outdoor media agents have also made corresponding success, such as Kinetic, Posterscope, etc..
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