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Philips pushes carpet integrated ultra-thin LED lights
2015-05-04 13:07:33
What technology is changing the life of the best examples of that?Philips answer is LED carpet.After several years of research and development, Philips will showcase LED carpet at the American International Lighting Fair, and soon launched in the market.
Philips LED carpet concept began in 2013, through cooperation with the European high-end brand of carpet Desso, achieving a new experience.LED carpet key technology lies first and foremost in the fabric, the material is more transparent, while incorporating the ultra-thin LED lamps to achieve the purpose of displaying information.In addition, Philips also said that the carpet is strong enough, it is possible to deal with leakage, etc., but will not lead to more traffic LED overheating malfunction.
Scenarios aspect obviously has a very broad space.For example, in airports and stations occasions, it can replace the big screen, to achieve a more intuitive guiding role; in theaters, you can replace step lights or staff to achieve the lighting and guiding role; even in the hotel, may also be called rooms Room in front of indicators for DND or swipe instructions room.
Obviously, a lot of carpet is the most common building infrastructure, to add advanced display characteristics that improve the user experience, its estimated useful life of 20 years is an effective way to cost savings, worth the wait.

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