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Small pitch LED display Key components-lamp
2016-05-28 12:03:34

Currently indoor large screen splicing market micro spacing led splicing screen, DLP rear projection splicing screen, LCD splicing screen third world, which micro pitch LED screen splicing is gaining momentum, the seam, high brightness, high gray, high contrast, long service life is unmatched by other splicing screen, has also been recognized by the market, quickly to seize the amount of the indoor segmented market share. For fine pitch stitching LED screen brings such excellent performance is inseparable from the key device of micro pitch LED manufacturing applications - led lamp beads, below I will led lamp beads do a simple introduction.

LED lamp beads are micro distance of LED display screen using the number most, the effect of micro pitch LED display the maximum effect of components, for indoor micro pitch LED application, LED lamp bead the dark, gold wire bonding table affixed to the triple a SMD beads. LED lamp has become a fine pitch LED display key components, there are three reasons:

1.LED lamp bead is micro pitch LED display using the largest number of components, use the P1.6 micro pitch LED display, for example, per square meter usage up to 36 million stars.

2.The performance of LED lamp directly affects the performance of the micro distance LED display, display the audience for impact assessment.

3.LED lamp in fine pitch LED display the overall cost of the largest proportion, up to 30%~70%.

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