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what is led?
2013-03-13 14:15:56

Light Emitting Diode, light-emitting diode, is a solid semiconductor light emitting device, it is used as light-emitting materials by solid semiconductor chip, when the two ends together with the forward voltage, carriers in semiconductor compound caused by photon emission of light created. led lamp can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple, white light.

Light emitting diode is a kind of give it some voltage, will emit light semiconductor, its light is almost a fluorescent lamp and a gas discharge lamp. which led light emit electromagnetic waves ( a high frequency vibration ), when the arrival to the 380nm (nanometer ) above and below the 780nm, in the middle of the wavelength of visible light, the kind that can be visible light the human eye to see. led bulb is a very useful and efficient light source, optical structure, it really has no loss of light together, the structure of projection narrow, its color is caused by the semiconductor components it uses, there are red, yellow, green and white light etc..

The earliest we experience to an led light is in sound as indicator, and then use the instrument panel lights, the lights and the audio panel and so on, and then to the direction of the lamp, room lamp, soon will be applied to the road lighting lamp. In the direction of light technology, has been rapid expansion, and at present HELLA New Zealand factory is a pioneer in developing and producing led retrofit kit.

They have been successful production and sales of the products, and the issuance of related products in the catalog, HELLA New Zealand factory ( HNZ ) is the best technology like this aspect. In the near future the Australian automotive industry with the help of HNZ under the guidance of using LED technology in their vehicles. At the same time, there is a woman named ELMAR DVENSCHEDEHDE HNZ technician also has successfully developed by led lights technology in Germany the direction lamp.

At present, the price of led retrofit is still very high, especially the high brightness level or special color, but with the increased demand and continuous research and development, will make the cost of decreased. lamps & lighting for vehicle industry has the advantages of small volume: 1; 2 can use a variety of light comes on, it the highest efficiency; 3 quick response ( light fast ); 4 are consistent and stable color; 5 stable mechanical structure; 6 long life ( at least 10000 hours or more)

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